Engineering Sustainable Systems

Sustainable Design and Mfg Systems

Mechanical Engineering + Sustainable Systems

Sustainable technologies and products: Do they truly exist? Moreover, a greater challenge may be the design of sustainable technological or product systems, rather than sustainable technologies or products themselves. Fewer and fewer of today’s design and manufacturing engineers are cognizant of the larger systems that incorporate new technologies and products with potentially large consequence. Students in the Sustainable Design & Manufacturing Systems specialization focus on the design of new sustainable technologies and products while examining effects on larger systems, evaluated through environmental, social and economic impacts. The Mechanical Engineering courses ME 589: Sustainable Design of Technology Systems and ME 455: Analytical Product Design form the engineering foundation for this program. SEAS classes including EAS 595: Risk-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Engineering and EAS 557: Industrial Ecology give students a broader understanding of the ecological impacts of new technologies from a systems-based perspective. By understanding both ecological science and engineering fundamentals, ESS Sustainable Design & Manufacturing Systems graduates are uniquely prepared to make balanced design decisions on more sustainable technological and product systems.

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Degree Requirements with Mechanical Engineering + Sustainable Systems

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