Engineering Sustainable Systems


How to Apply

The Engineering Sustainable Systems dual-Master’s degree program offers three specializations: Sustainable Energy Systems, Sustainable Design & Manufacturing Systems and Sustainable Water Systems. Through the ESS degree, students integrate the 30-credit M.S.E. (Master of Science in Engineering) program with the 42-credit M.S. (Master of Science) program – which separately total 72 credits –  into a 54-credit program.

New Applicants

Prospective ESS students must apply to both the College of Engineering and the School for Environment & Sustainability. Students who are accepted to SEAS and CoE will be contacted by an ESS program staff member.

Applying to SEAS:
Please visit SEAS Admissions for more information on deadlines and the admission process.

Applying to CoE:
Please visit CoE Admissions and the relevant engineering department’s admissions page for more information on deadlines and the admission process.

Current UM Students

Students currently enrolled in either the CoE or SEAS must complete the “Add a Degree or Certificate Program Application” form and submit it with the other application documents. Before graduation, “Form 6010 – Dual Degree Course Elections” must be completed to verify completion of requirements and minimum hours.

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