How to Apply

The Engineering Sustainable Systems dual-Master’s degree program offers three specializations: Sustainable Energy Systems, Sustainable Design & Manufacturing Systems and Sustainable Water Systems. Through the ESS degree, students integrate the 30-credit M.S.E. (Master of Science in Engineering) program with the 42-credit M.S. (Master of Science) program – which separately total 72 credits –  into a 54-credit program.

New Applicants

Prospective ESS students must apply to both the College of Engineering and the School for Environment & Sustainability. Students who are accepted to SEAS and CoE will be contacted by an ESS program staff member.

Applying to SEAS:
Please visit the SEAS Admissions page for more information on deadlines and the admission process.

Applying to CoE:
Please visit the CoE Admissions page and the relevant engineering department’s admissions page for more information on deadlines and the admission process.

  • Chemical Engineering Admissions
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering Admissions
  • Mechanical Engineering Admissions
  • Current UM Students

    Students currently enrolled in either the CoE or SEAS must complete the “Add a Degree or Certificate Program Application” form and submit it with the other application documents. Before graduation, “Form 6010 – Dual Degree Course Elections” must be completed to verify completion of requirements and minimum hours.